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OMEGA MATCH BALL: The Omega has been hand-stitched and is an official size 5 rugby ball ideal for club, schools and junior rugby.

  • Standard grip.
  • Truflight™™ valve.
  • 3 ply poly-cotton and cotton laminate.
  • G-S rubber compound surface.
  • Conforms to World Rugby specifications.
  • Hand stitched.

GILBERT BARBARIAN 2.0: An upgrade of the ever popular classic Barbarian Match Ball. This ball offers ultimate match play experience. With standard grip and high grade rubber surface, the ball enhances players handling skills as they work their way to victory. The Barbarian match ball includes our patent ellipse truflight™ valve and copolymer 'air-loc' bladder to ensure the ball remains inflated through all match conditions.

This hand stitched ball provides the high quality product Gilbert consistently supplies, to ensure Senior, Club and School players experience the match of their lives.

The traditional World Rugby green and blue trim outlines a high quality match ball of the 1995 Rugby World Cup, ready to take the pitch straight away.

If you want to enjoy a high-level game with a ball to match the Barbarian Match Ball is an essential this year.

GILBERT REPLICA CANADA BALL: Officially licensed and fully endorsed by the International Union, Gilbert are the industry leaders when it comes to producing high performance and quality rugby balls. Made by Gilbert, from 100% durable synthetic material and latex bladder, the Canada Official Replica Rugby Ball incorporates Gilbert's patented Truflight technology. The result is longer flight and greater accuracy whether passing over short or long distance. Showcasing the traditional Canada colours, red, black and white run around the ball and complement the signature Gilbert branding and distinct Los Pumas badge over each of the four sides. Ideal for training, matches, or simply recreational use, show your pride and support for the Canada national team.

G-TR3000 TRAINER BALL: The G-TR3000 Trainer Rugby Ball is perfect for club rugby, school and junior rugby and features a hand stitched durable rubber surface.


  • Hydratec.
  • 2 Ply poly-cotton and cotton laminate.
  • Durable rubber surface.
  • Hand stitched.
  • Size 3 - Red
  • Size 4 - Green
  • Size 5 - Blue


There are a few variables into how long Gilbert Rugby balls last – Such as if the balls are used on turf vs grass or harder surfaces etc. Typically, Gilbert Rugby balls should last about one season – depending on how many times a week they are used, and how many balls are used each session these times may vary slightly. Teams may find that having more balls would help with how long they last, due to less wear and tear per ball but again, it depends on the amount of rugby being played and the quality of rugby at a play. Choosing a better-quality ball will obviously extend the life of the ball due to better quality ply, and grip. For example, the GTR3000 will not last as long as our GTR4000 as it has a 3 ply poly-cotton laminate while the GTR3000 only has a 2 ply poly-cotton laminate.